Mercer Canyons 2016 Rose’

This lovely rose’ is a blend of Cinsault and Counoise. Voluminous aromas of raspberry, fresh cranberry, and white pepper greet you on the nose. The Counoise contributes the ripe cranberry aromas and flavors, while the Cinsault lifts the blend with notes of white pepper. Both varietals bring bright acidity which creates a refreshing, crisp rose’ that can be enjoyed on its own, or with food. A touch of natural residual sugar adds body to the wine and balances the fresh acidity.

The Cinsoult and Counoise were machine harvested to allow for early color extraction from the skins. Once at the winery, the grapes were sent directly to the press. We allowed the grapes to sit overnight to continue to extract color from the skins. After the 24 hour soak,we drained off all the free run juice before beginning to press the grapes. The light pink free run juice was combined with the darker juice that was pressed from the skins and allowed to cold settle for 2 days. The clean juice was racked away from the settled solids and inoculated with a yeast specifically selected for Rose’. The wine was fermented cool over a period of 21 days, allowing for great aroma development.

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