Seattle Tasting Room -Finally!

We are very excited about our new tasting room on the South end of Seattle in the historic and eclectic neighborhood of Georgetown.

Mercers love history.  In our research, we learned that Georgetown is arguably the oldest neighborhood in Seattle with the first settlement in 1851.  And, coincidentally it began as a farming settlement.  Over the years, it became an industrial area.  Rainier Brewing Company set down roots here in 1890 and was at one time the 6th largest brewery in the world.  That building is now called the Georgetown Brewhouse and houses several small business and artist studios.  We will share a space just south of it with Lowercase Brewery and Oola Distillery.

In walking the streets there is a fun and eclectic mix of old, new, used, re-used and re-imagined buildings and materials: Unique and apparent blend of cultures, personalities and lifestyles up and down Airport Way.  Which is what makes it such a fun and dynamic little neighborhood – there is something for everyone.

In trying to bring our own little piece of history and culture to the area feels very natural.  Our farm team has relished re-purposing retired farm implements for use in our space.  Marc Mortimer transformed an old rod-weeder into a centerpiece tasting bar in the tasting room.  He used discs and old metal wheels to fabricate a heavy gate for the entrance.  We’ve hung other pieces of equipment on the wall as they’ve made better wall-art than most things you can purchase in stores!

We are hoping to share a little of Mercer and Horse Heaven Hills history with visitors on the walls of our new tasting room.  We’ve brought some of our Eastern Washington ranch to the west side through photos, stories art and wines.  Outside, it seemed like a natural “Georgetown” thing to do to paint a mural depicting the Mercer vineyard and landscape on an old shipping container in our courtyard.  The mural was painted by local Seattle/Georgetown artist, Harro Scharpau.  Harro has a unique method of painting with metals which will patina over time.  This format works really well with the old metal farm implements we have added to the space.  It has been a challenge and a joy to find different ways of sharing our story and incorporating it into this building.

In a tasty way, wine represents a lot of what happens in Eastern Washington from agriculture and science, to the art of crafting wines, to the business of selling and distributing wines.  Wines bring the rich flavors of our terroir to the city.

We hope that all who come to our tasting room enjoy the space, love the wines and experience a little more of Washington state with each visit.

–Brenda Mercer
Owner, PR and Charitable Givings Director


Mercer Wine Estates Georgetown Tasting Room is open
Wed, Thursday  & Sunday  – 2pm to 8pm
Friday & Saturday – 2pm to 9pm
6235 Airport Way S, Suite 2
Seattle WA 98108