Game Day Wine Pairings

Game day is a big deal around here. Our team at Mercer Estates is fiercely loyal to our local footballers. So much in fact, we’ve got a label dedicated entirely to our alma mater (cougar v red blend). Sadly, our local professional team didn’t make the big game this year, but that’s okay because we’re showing up to the party with wine, and really good snacks.


In spirit of good sportsmanship, we’ve made a list of classic game day appetizers and paired them with our favorite wines – so that you’ll be sure to win, no matter the score!




Buffalo Wings + Riesling

The natural sugars in Riesling help temper the heat of hot, spicy wings.

Try our Dry Riesling

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Beef Sliders + Bordeaux Blend

A rich Bordeaux Blend, like our Reserve Cavalie, needs an equally rich counterpart – like beef slider’s – to match its complexity.

Try our Bordeaux Blend

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Pigs in a Blanket + Rose

These two go together like Bruno Mars and the Halftime Show. You can’t go wrong!

Try our Rosé

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Guacamole + Pinot Gris

A bright and lively Pinot Gris cuts through rich, creamy dips like Guacamole.

Try our Pinot Gris

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BBQ Pulled Pork + Grenache

The rich spice and flavor of slow cooked pulled pork needs a bold, flavorsome partner, like grenache to balance it out.

Try our Grenache

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