Bad Travel makes Good Relationships

In just a touch over a year, we’re headed to one of the most picturesque places on this planet–the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Cliffsprogram-3.2324.original that fall right into the sea, charming fishing villas, producer of cheese, lemon groves, and, of course, our favorite–wine.

Our winemaker, Jessica Munnell, will host this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip and we hope you can join her. I asked her recently to share one of her favorite travel stories.


In 2005 my boyfriend (now husband) and I took a trip to Spain.  Our plan was to spend some time in Madrid, tour through Ribera del Duero and Rioja and end up in Barcelona.  We wanted to take a train from the town of Logrono to Barcelona.  Since we were trying to travel as economically as possible, we found the cheapest train ticket available, which happened to board at 3 am.  We did upgrade to a sleeping car with the hope that we would sleep through the night and arrive in Barcelona the next morning rested and ready to go.  The train we boarded was very beautiful, and very old.  The sleep cars had bunk beds, and I took the top bunk. The ceiling vibrated like a tin can non-stop and every time the train went around the slightest curve, the metal cars screeched loudly.  I’m not sure if I ever manage to fall asleep that night, but I had the pleasure of hearing my husband peacefully sleeping in the bunk bed beneath me the entire night.  At least one of us arrived in Barcelona rested and ready to go.

If you’ve done any traveling, I’m sure you have a similar story of choosing the cheap route, “sleeping” on the way, frustration over circumstances (and sometimes partners). But these are often the best stories of youthful program-3.2382.originaltravel, and if they don’t ruin your relationships, make them stronger.

While we’ll spare no expense on this trip to Italy; yoga in the morning, hikes, private yachts, delicious food, we do know you’ll come away with stories for a lifetime.

To learn more check out this link. And we hope you’ll join us.