2016 Harvest

2016 was another great vintage. This is a year where you can have your cake and eat it too: yield per acre is fantastic, as is quality!

From the perspective of the viticulturist, I am very excited about the Mercer Sauvignon blanc from Princeton vineyard and the Cabernet Sauvignon from Eagle & Plow Block 93 and Cavalie vineyard. The Sauvignon blanc was allowed to grow a large, protective canopy which gave time for some very fruity, varietal expression to develop in the grapes, while maintaining great acid. The Cabernets were irrigated by the vineyard manager masterfully, not receiving water for 3 months; this stopped canopy growth very early to allow for a larger ripening window and kept the berries very small for concentration of the colors and tanins.

These blocks, as with all of our other vineyards, were picked using our state-of-the-art harvesters which have on-board destemmers. This technology ensured that the grapes delivered to the winery were so clean, consisting of almost all whole berries.

Finally, I’d like to share that I am also very excited for the first vintage of both, Eagle & Plow and Trailblazer Malbecs – were just harvested this week. We’ve had a long harvest this year, but couldn’t be happier about the quality.

Harvesting Trailblazer Malbec

Richard Hoff
Director of Viticulture