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Patriotism and service are important threads in the Mercer family fabric. Throughout the family’s history, Mercers have risen to serve and defend the United States of America both here and abroad. We honor and revere everyone who does the same, from police officers and firefighters to soldiers and sailors.

On a sunny September day in 2001, America was forever changed.  The country lost it’s sense of security, and many Americans lost much more.

  • Mercer Estates’ Vineyard Manager, John Derrick, lost a best friend – Richard Guadagno.  Richard was among the patriots who fought and died on United Flight 93, when it went down in a Pennsylvania field.
  • Rob Mercer, owner of Mercer Estates, served as a captain in the US Marine Corps in the 1990’s.  After the attacks on 9-11, he reenlisted to serve in Iraq, losing many precious days with his young family.

When Rob returned from service, he and John Derrick decided to plant a special vineyard (BLOCK 93), in the most ideal location on the Mercer farm.  Not only would it serve as a memorial for fallen heroes, but as a means to give back to programs that would benefit those who have served and suffered.  911 vines were hand-planted in BLOCK 93 of the Cavalie Vineyard.  The fruit from these vines is used, exclusively, to produce our Eagle & Plow, BLOCK 93 Cabernet Sauvignon.  100% of the revenues generated by this wine are donated to charities that serve American servicemen and women, their families, and the survivors of tragic events.

The 2012 inaugural vintage of Eagle & Plow, BLOCK 93 Cabernet Sauvignon was a heartwarming success.  We donated wine to several charities for use in their fund raising efforts.  And, in a few short months, we sold the remainder of the vintage which allowed us to donate just shy of $12,000 to charities such as Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, Camp Patriot, Friends of Flight 93 and the New England Center for Homeless Veterans.



The 2014 vintage of the Eagle & Plow, BLOCK 93 Cabernet Sauvignon is currently available online or by filling out our order form.  There are currently less than 65 cases remaining and 35 3 Liter bottles available for purchase ($100/750ml bottle and $350/3L bottle).

Order Form can be emailed back to:  Block93@MercerEstates.com or faxed to (509) 786-2704).