For the Birds

We are more than just a winery. We're also a farm--a farm that cares about its employees, community and environment. Below is our mission statement, a note from Rob, and a guest-blog from one of our employees, a biologist and our Organic Crop Manager, Brandyn Six, on our habitat effort and the bird species he's... Continue reading 

My, You Smell Nice: White Wines

As we hit the heat of summer (for our neck of the woods anyhow—it’s in the 100s), and getting everything ready for harvest, this is a great time to reflect on white wine. For enjoyment (quenching our thirst) and to gear up for the first wines that are brought in—usually white grape varietals (not always,... Continue reading 

Cheers to Aunt Dawn

Our father, Don Mercer, and his two brothers --Bud (father to Rob and Will) and Rick--had the joy of having 5 exuberant, fun, intelligent aunts -- the "Sharp Sisters".  Our grandmother, Carma, was one of 6 sisters - Nelda, Vera, Opal, Carma, Vergie and Dawn. Our father peppered his stories with "Aunt Vergie" or "Aunt... Continue reading 

Seattle Tasting Room -Finally!

We are very excited about our new tasting room on the South end of Seattle in the historic and eclectic neighborhood of Georgetown. Mercers love history.  In our research, we learned that Georgetown is arguably the oldest neighborhood in Seattle with the first settlement in 1851.  And, coincidentally it began as a farming settlement.  Over... Continue reading 

A Sandwich to Survive On

We’ve had the pleasure of working Ethan Zohn this past year on our upcoming Eagle & Plow Run or Ride Race in the Vineyard. A fan of Mercer wine, Ethan’s most well known for his winning Survivor Africa. He’s also battled and survived cancer, co-founded Grassroot Soccer,  and spends his days volunteering, speaking and being... Continue reading 

1,600 Trees

The Mercer Conservation Team is focused on re-planting two of the important tree lines that serve as wind blocks which deter soil erosion in the sandy soils on the southeast corner of the ranch.  The area that is being protected with conservation trees will eventually also be planted to a small block of Cabernet Sauvignon... Continue reading 

The Perfect Spring Sipper

Although we make about 25 different wines at Mercer Wine Estates, our Rose’ is one of the wines I get most excited about.  We grow a block of Grenache specifically to make rose’, quite a luxury for a winemaker. What do we do different? It all starts in the vineyard.  We hang a heavier crop... Continue reading 

2016 Harvest

2016 was another great vintage. This is a year where you can have your cake and eat it too: yield per acre is fantastic, as is quality! From the perspective of the viticulturist, I am very excited about the Mercer Sauvignon blanc from Princeton vineyard and the Cabernet Sauvignon from Eagle & Plow Block 93... Continue reading 

Bad Travel makes Good Relationships

In just a touch over a year, we're headed to one of the most picturesque places on this planet--the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Cliffs that fall right into the sea, charming fishing villas, producer of cheese, lemon groves, and, of course, our favorite--wine. Our winemaker, Jessica Munnell, will host this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip and we... Continue reading 

A Perspective for Arbor Day

We live, work and farm in a desert.  Not going to pull any punches, it would be a vast wasteland if it wasn’t for two important factors.  1.  Much of the soil in the Horse Heaven Hills is a loamy sand with enough clay content (about 5%) to hold and capture water and, 2.  We have... Continue reading